School of Engineering


Dr Ashiel Jumman

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jumman’s primary research and lecturing roles are in the field of Irrigation and Soil & Water Conservation Engineering. Prior to joining UKZN in 2023, Dr Jumman acquired 13 years of experience as a Research Engineer at the South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI). Dr Jumman acquired his BSc, MSc and PhD degrees at UKZN. The MSc work focused on irrigation design and operating strategies in the Sugarcane industry, while the PhD work ventured into the complex dynamics of social systems and the adoption processes for irrigation scheduling. Dr Jumman has received several awards for presentations at various conferences.

Research interests

  • Irrigation: Irrigation systems design, management and maintenance, Water and electricity use and associate costs and impacts on crop yield, environmental impact and farm economics.
  • Adoption of technology and better farm management practices (BMPs), Extension methodologies, behaviour change and participatory research.
  • Farming Systems Research, Systems thinking and Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Sustainable farming

Research profiles