Tom Walingo

Prof Tom Mmbasu Walingo Professor 031 260 1518 PhD (Electronic Engineering), MSc (Electronic Engineering), BTech (Electrical and Communications Engineering) (Moi) Computer Engineering Howard College Campus Prof Walingo holds a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and a PhD degree in electronic engineering. He is a researcher at the Center of Radio Access and Rural Technology and a lecturer

Jules Tapamo

Prof Jules-Raymond Tapamo Professor 031 260 2571 PhD, DEA, MSc, BSc Computer Engineering Howard College Campus Professor Tapamo  received his PhD degree  from the University of Rouen. He is Full Professor of computer engineering in  the School of Engineering. His  research interests include visual surface characterization, image processing, computer vision, machine learning, biometrics, activity recognition with a particular emphasis on intelligent monitoring, smart surveillance, security, medicine, and environmental

Bashan Naidoo

Mr Bashan Naidoo Senior Lecturer 031 260 2758 MSc Eng (Electronic), BSc Eng (Electronic), Computer Engineering Howard College Campus Mr Naidoo presently works on image enhancement and 3D computer vision topics. He has had a long involvement with the Armscor Tactical Telecoms research group; where he focused on vision applications for tactical radio. Mr

Ray Khuboni

MR Ray Khuboni Lecturer 031 260 7843 MScEng (Computer Engineering), BScEng (Electronic Engineering) Computer Engineering Howard College Campus Mr Khuboni has acquired BSc-Engineering in Electronics and MSc-Engineering in Computer, and currently, a PhD-Engineering (Computer) candidate as well as a Lecturer at the Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (EECE) discipline at UKZN. His research interests

Ernest Bhero

DR Ernest Bhero Lecturer 031 260 2482 PhD, Advocate of the HC of South Africa, Professional Engineer (Pr Eng), Duly appointed as KZN Tax Court Commercial member since March 2017, M. Phil (Electronics), B. Eng (Electronics), LL.B Computer Engineering Howard College Campus Adv Bhero is an Electronic Engineer by profession. He is also an

Tahmid Quazi

Prof Tahmid Quazi Associate Professor 031 260 2729 PhD, MSc (Eng), BSc (Eng) Computer Engineering Howard College Campus Prof Quazi’s research interests are in the area of wireless communications with applications such as short range tactical networks and multimedia traffic transmission. He holds a BSc Eng, MSc Eng, PhD in Electronic Engineering. He is