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Electrical Engineering


Understanding UKZN Electrical Engineering

The Electrical engineering Curriculum at UKZN is designed to prepare students for a career in the exciting , dynamic field of electrical engineering. Professionals in the Discipline have a focus in the development , maintenance and utilisation of the largest man-made Machines in the world – The electrical Power Grid. With  The  evolution of the smart grid and the shift  from fossil-fuel based generation to renewable generation , The electrical  Grid is undergoing  the largest transition since its inception and electrical engineers are at the forefront of this global revolution. Electrical Engineers are involved with the Generation, Conversion, Storage , Transmission and Distribution of Electricity  to consumers. Electrical Engineers are also are also involved in advanced manufacturing  through automation and robotics which utilize electrical Engineering fields of Electrical Machine design, Power Electronics Converters and Drives, Control Algorithm development and its Software and Hardware implementation. Advancements and Developments in the Transport sector ,led primarily by climate change concerns, is yet another field where Electrical Engineering Graduates are high demand.


UKZN Electrical Engineering Department

As an established  academic department, Electrical Engineering is home to a large number of laboratory and scope of our discipline.Our facilities are used for undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, research ,and industry testing.These include:

– Power Systems and Machine laboratories. These include simulators.

–  Power  electronics and control systems Laboratories

– General purpose Design Laboratories 

– General purpose Computer Laboratories 

–  High Voltage AC and DC laboratories. These are unique and one of the few in the country.



The Electrical Engineering Graduate

UKZN’s Electrical Engineering graduates leave with a diverse skill set centered on the proficiency in problem-solving and ability to acquire new knowledge and skills rapidly. These capabilities have  resulted in our graduates achieving and holding leadership positions locally and internationally in a range of sectors including electrical, transport, manufacturing, military , medical, education, business , finance and engineering consultancy. They have been involved with cutting-edge projects including  some in the emerging fields of electric vehicles and renewable technologies.

Our undergraduate curriculum will equip the Electrical Engineer with expertise in topics including:


Electrical Power Generation


Power Systems


Embedded Systems (measurement, controllers and robots


Insulation and High Voltage Equipment


Power System Protection (real time and hardware in loop


Electrical Machines and Drives

Growing into EECE's culture

UKZN EECE Post Graduates