School of Engineering


Prof Kuveneshan Moodley

Associate Professor

Prof Kuven Moodley is an Associate Professor in the discipline of Chemical Engineering and an NRF Y1-rated researcher. He has completed his undergraduate and postgraduate engineering studies to PhD level at UKZN in the areas of theoretical thermodynamics in pharmaceutical separation processing, and process control in experimental thermodynamic applications.

His research interests are in advanced process control design, process intensification, efficient low-energy separation process design, process retrofitting to reduced emissions, process waste management, and thermodynamics. He is also performing extensive research in the field of green hydrogen, natural gas purification, clean water production and solar energy for disadvantaged communities, biofuels, as well as valorization of waste through recycling or repurposing. An additional research focus of his is engineering education, with a special focus on bridging the gap between secondary and tertiary education through curriculum development and the integration of technology into teaching and learning.

He has graduated and is currently supervising numerous postgraduate Masters and Doctoral researchers in these fields.

Research interests

  • Process control and intensification 
  • Thermodynamics / Separation
  • Low pressure phase equilibria
  • Green technology
  • Renewable energy
  • Waste valorization

Research profiles