Professor Bright graduated with a BSc (Mechanical Engineering), MSc (Engineering) and PhD (Engineering) degree at the Ex-University of Natal in Mechatronics, Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Systems. Professor of Mechatronics, Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Systems since 2002. Holder of the James Fulton Chair in Mechanical Engineering. Graduated with an MBA degree at UKZN in 2011. Lecture courses include Mechatronics, Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Systems. Leader and supervisor of the Mechatronics and Robotics research Group, (MR2G) since 1995. 

 Position: Academic Leader

Discipline: Mechanical
Campus: Howard
Telephone:  031 260 1275
Research Areas: Mechatronics and Robotics Research Group (MR2G)
Recent Publications: Onunka C, Bright G, Stopforth R, “Brainwave Variablilty Identification in Robotic Arm Control Strategy” Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Vol 274, 2014, pp 173-189.

R.C Dixon, G Bright & R Harley, “Robust localization of automated guided vehicles for computer-integrated manufacturing systems”, South African journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol. 24, Issue 1, May 2013, pp 81-90.

S Davrajh and G Bright, “Advanced Quality Control Management System for Product Families in Mass Customization and Reconfigurable Manufacturing”, Assembly Automation, Vol. 33 Issue : 2, 2013, pp. 127 – 138
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