School of Engineering


dr Andrew Swanson

Senior Lecturer

Andrew is currently a senior lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a professionally registered engineer. He is currently responsible for research and testing in the field of high voltage engineering and has tested overhead line equipment with voltages up to 350 kV ac, 650 kV impulse and 350 kV dc according to the required high voltage standards.

He is more recently interested in renewable energy use, supply to the grid and storage including the various standards applicable for the connection to the grid and the impact on the quality of the power when connecting to the grid. He has worked in industry as an engineering consultant on railways including 3 kV dc and 25 kV ac traction power systems, earthing and bonding of railways systems, compliance with power quality standards, and low voltage systems for stations and line side equipment. He has a number of industrial collaborations. He has graduated a number of postgraduates and published numerous journal, and international and local conference papers. 

Research interests

  • High Voltage Engineering 
  • Power Quality 
  • Traction Power 
  • Energy  

Research profiles