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Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering curriculum at UKZN is designed to prepare students for a career in the exciting, fast-evolving field of computer engineering. Professionals in this discipline will be at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The vision of the future is that of advanced fixed and mobile computing systems driving the digital revolution with unprecedented processing, storage, and networking capabilities. Such systems will connect billions of people and will improve their lives through the use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, autonomous vehicles, virtual assistants, and advanced software. As a leading academic department, our facilities reflect the dynamic nature of the discipline. Laboratory and research spaces adapt and evolve continuously to encompass the ever-changing forefront and our evolving interests. Due to the vastness of our offering, we provide dedicated and optimized computing facilities to each undergraduate level. Depending on their field of specialization, our students become experts at computer system design in our Digital Signal Processing, Digital, and Embedded Systems laboratories.

Instead of being passive consumers of high-tech products, Computer Engineers are active innovators of technologies, who turn the vision of the future into a reality today. Our constantly advancing curriculum equips the engineer of this future with expertise in topics such as:

Achievements of the UKZN EECE graduates include:

Growing into EECE's culture

The Environment

Students let their creativity run wild in our general-purpose design laboratories and specialized LANs. These are flexible and reconfigurable to allow students to rapidly deploy projects that are only limited by their imagination. From computer vision, AI, and robotics; to high performance parallel and distributed computing; and to advanced operating systems, software, and virtualised technologies; whatever the future may hold, we are ready to embrace it.

Previous graduates of this programme have gone on to do cutting-edge research and development work in nearly every industrial sector of the South African economy,including networking,telecommunications, military, multimedia, entertainment, manufacturing, health, environmental monitoring, agriculture, transportation, banking, and e-commerce.

EECE Postgraduates

Once the four-year Bachelor’s degree is complete, the Computer Engineering graduates can go on to Masters and Doctoral degrees that advance their studies at UKZN in wide areas of specialisation including, but not limited to: 

The UKZN Computer Engineering Programme, which is in one of best Engineering Schools in the country, is fully accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).  Our Computer Engineering graduates are eligible for ECSA’s highest category of professional registration; that is the Professional Engineer (PrEng) category. ECSA’s PrEng is a professional accolade that has been recognised internationally since 1999 by members of the International Engineering Alliance and the Washington Accord. This makes our graduates true global citizens who are well poised to secure top-level reserved employment, both locally and internationally. This recognition opens a world of opportunities for the UKZN Computer Engineering graduate to play an active role in today’s digital revolution.