School of Engineering


Computer User Guidelines

The Discipline supports a number of computer systems for use by students and staff. These include a Windows based Local Area Network (LAN), Windows NT Network and Sun and LINUX UNIX systems and a number of stand alone machines.

The following refers mainly to the Novell and Windows NT LANs, although the general concepts may apply to other computer systems as well.

New computer users are registered as users at the beginning of each academic year. Soon after lectures commence, user accounts are activated. Copies of the Regulations governing computer usage will be distributed in lectures and are also available from the LAN Manager. An initial password will be allocated at this time.

The aim of these guidelines is to allow students to share computer facilities with fellow students and staff as easily as possible. All computer users are therefore asked to adhere to the following guidelines in order to maintain a usable and efficient service.

These facilities are for the sole use of members of the Discipline of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering. Other students will only be registered as users by special arrangement. The priority on use of these machines is in the following order:

  • scheduled course work
  • final year design project development
  • individual computing needs – excluding word processing.
  • individual word processing needs – no support will be provided by the Discipline for undergraduate students.

Computer Facilities

Computer facilities in G-07 are available 24 hours a day to students registered in the Discipline of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering. Other computer facilities are available in the Fishbowl, Level 6 Shepstone and in the Venter Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Building – see venues for specific times.

Please take note

  • No student may remove any hardware, or change any system hardware or software configuration without the permission of the LAN Manager.
  • Please report an;y defective equipment to the LAN Manager. 
  • The playing of computer games is forbidden. These disrupt the work of other students and waste computing resources. Anyone found playing games will be contravening University Regulations.
  • Students storing or in any way handling pornographic material will be barred from using these facilities and referred to the University Disciplinary Court.
  • Due to the problems of viruses and license agreement infringements, no user may load any foreign software on any LAN or hard disk system without the permission of the LAN Manager. Staff and postgraduate students are requested to consult the LAN Manager before loading software onto the LAN or any hard disk system. Be especially careful of software downloaded from bulletin boards.If you find a virus on a machine, please report it to the LAN Manager at once.
  • Due to licence restrictions, no student may copy any proprietary software whatsoever from the LAN or any hard disk system.
  • Do not leave a computer unattended as it will be deemed to be available for use by others.
  • If you wish to discard a printout, don’t crumple it up; please fold it neatly and place it in the receptacle provided for recycling. Due to the cost of computer stationery the Discipline requires undergraduate students to pay for printing facilities.
  • Do enjoy your computing and ensure that you back up your data or any programmes you develop.