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AmaBhungane Managing Partner, Mr Sam Sole, at AfriHub’s “Critical Thinking” Seminar.

AfriHub and amaBhungane Promote Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking and the Changing of Destiny was the apt theme for the recent Hub for the African City of the Future (AfriHub) Seminar on Critical Thinking. The seminar was hosted by AfriHub at Howard College’s Centenary Building in collaboration with amaBhungane, the team of investigative journalists who exposed amongst others, state capture, the Paradise Papers and Oilgate corruption scandals.

Mr Sam Sole, managing partner and founder of amaBhungane, took attendees on a rollercoaster ride of intrigue on how corrupt individuals infiltrated the South African state machinery and how patronage at the upper echelons of the South African government allowed significant financial resources to be looted. As Sole emphasised, ‘A corrupt relationship is an umbilical relationship. Corrupt individuals feed off each other.’

The AfriHub Critical Thinking Seminars are pursuant of creating a more informed citizenry. Society is in need of individuals who are able to not only interrogate their own lives, but also hold the power brokers to account.

Through promoting multidisciplinary dialogue, the AfriHub Critical Thinking Seminars will also facilitate multidisciplinary engagement and a stronger partnership between UKZN and civil society.

Words: Rudi Kimmie