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Mr Mduduzi Zulu received his BSc in Civil Engineering with the support of his family.

Civil Engineer Mduduzi Zulu Graduates Cum Laude

Mr Mduduzi Zulu felt proud to graduate cum laude as a Civil Engineer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science Graduation ceremony.

Zulu hopes to one day pursue his PhD in Civil Engineering and is looking forward to breaking into the working world where he can gain experience in the field.

Zulu, who describes himself as an avid reader, enjoyed the experience leading up to the completion of his degree, ‘I have learnt to work hard as an individual and as part of a team.  I also learnt time management and am able to complete all tasks timeously.’

Zulu was inspired by his role model, Professor Thokozani Majozi, a Chemical Engineer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Pretoria and recipient of the S2A3 British Association Silver Medal. Majozi received the medal for his outstanding research. He became the first African to receive it since it was established in 1932.  Majozi’s successful career spurred

Zulu’s message to future students is: ‘Studying towards an Engineering degree opens a window of opportunity for those who wish to play a role in changing people’s lives. For example, water scarcity is a global issue that needs more research in order to develop new conservation strategies that will benefit future generations. Also new strategies need to be developed and implemented to reduce greenhouse gases that are produced by human activities.  We need to protect our environment at all costs.’

Words: Prashina Budree