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Mr Shailin Govender receives his BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Gaming Enthusiast Graduates with a BSc Mechanical Engineering degree, Cum Laude

Gaming enthusiast and problem solver, Mr Shailin Govender, graduated cum laude in Mechanical Engineering at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s College of Agriculture, Engineering and ScienceGraduation ceremony.

The infamous Elon Musk, CEO of Space X and a successful entrepreneur, engineer and investor motivated and inspired Govender.  ‘Elon Musk, is a pioneer in modern technology and is also an entrepreneurial prodigy. I admire his perseverance, vision and ability to capitalise on any opportunity,’ said Govender.

He described his experience whilst studying as ‘extremely developmental and enlightening’.  ‘The extreme difficulty of the course content taught me how to better manage my time as well as cope with stress. My perception of problems and problem solving has improved dramatically,’ said Govender.

Govender, who prides himself on hard work and perseverance, thanked his mother and sister for having a positive influence on his life.  He plans to advance his capabilities as an engineer through experience in industry as well as undertaking courses to enhance his skillset.

‘An engineer’s greatest asset is their ability to be dynamic in their approach towards solving a problem. The courses are truly difficult but if you learn how to find it interesting, prosperity will find its way to you. Never allow self-doubt or laziness to hinder your progression towards greatness and success. Anything is possible with perseverance and dedication. Keep yourself motivated. The market is currently dire and the best way to ensure a good starting job is to obtain a bursary with a major company or volunteer as an intern during vacation periods with the major companies. Learn as much as possible and strive to be a better person,’ said Govender to future engineers.

Words: Prashina Budree