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Ms Naadira Ballim was still beaming after she received her BSc in Civil Engineering.

Naadira Ballim Qualifies as a Civil Engineer

Ms Naadira Ballim was the proud recipient of a Civil Engineering degree cum laude, at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Graduation ceremony.

Ballim plans to pursue her master’s degree while gaining experience as a consulting engineer.  ‘I hope to develop a successful career that will have an impact and enhance the quality of life for all,’ said Ballim.  She attributed her success and determination to the support from her family, adding that she admired her aunts ‘who have managed to synchronise the attainment of academic achievements with professional careers and family life effectively.’

Describing her degree as challenging yet rewarding, Ballim was appreciative of the support given to Civil Engineering students.  ‘The Civil Engineering department is very supportive and always willing to assist students to make sure they can both understand and apply the knowledge they obtain. You are also encouraged to think about your role as an engineer in society and be conscious of the broader environment,’ said Ballim.

Passionate about advancing women in engineering, Ballim believes that engineering should not be looked at as a male dominated career.  Her advice to young ladies who wish to pursue an engineering degree: ‘To the women, I would like to blur the idea that engineering is a male-dominated career. Get yourself a comfy pair of female safety boots and don’t be afraid to climb. You are more than capable.’

In her spare time, Ballim enjoys reading a good book and travelling.  She warned future Engineering students that they will be challenged and stretched to solve problems using complex solutions that they would need to try their best to understand. ‘Develop a passion for your chosen field and go the extra mile while studying. You will leave your degree a more well-rounded individual with the ability to think multi-laterally. You will be surrounded by intelligent young individuals, many of whom you will form long lasting friendships with.’

Words: Prashina Budree