School of Engineering


Public Seminar: Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grids

The HVDC Centre Extends an invitation to the following PUBLIC SEMINAR Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grids by Professor G Kumar Venayagamoorthy.



The modern electric power and energy system, referred to as the ‘smart grid’ is complex and one that is expected to be conscious, intelligent, distributed, and flexible. Such an electric power system architecture can facilitate secure and distributed flow of power from renewable energy sources including solar and wind. Furthermore, it can handle flexible loads and energy storage including electric vehicles. This talk will address the potentials and promises of distributed intelligence including Artificial Intelligence (AI) for smart grid operations and control. AI has evolved over the last 40+ years to transform operations and control of complex systems. A smart grid with variable power and energy sources, bidirectional power flows, and uncertainty in forecasting and real- time availability of generation, loads, energy storage and other operational resources requires distributed intelligence and computational technologies for its operation and control. Examples of such technologies including AI for stable, secure, reliable, and efficient operations and control of smart grid will be presented.