School of Engineering


Ms Viashna Soma.

Viashna Looking Forward to a Bright Future!

A fascination with Mathematics and Physical Science is what motivated Wingen Heights Secondary matriculant Ms Viashna Soma to pursue a degree in Engineering.

As one of the top performing matriculants Soma saw it befitting to enrol at the highly acclaimed University of KwaZulu-Natal, where she is currently pursuing her degree in Mechanical Engineering. Pursuing the qualification, she thought, would allow her to put her fascination to practical use through design, construction or operating of structures, machine or system.

‘There are not enough females in the field of Mechanical Engineering and companies are looking at balancing this gender inequality. I feel I am the perfect female because I enjoy hands-on work,’ said Soma who also describes herself as a feminist.

She applauds her parents, who are her role models, for teaching her that ‘hard work always pays off’, this is something she has lived by and it is the reason for her success thus far.  This family-orientated, well-organised individual enjoys performing and teaching classic Kathak dancing in her spare time.

‘I’m dedicated, committed, goal-orientated and I have managed to fulfil all my dreams.  I believe I have the capability to continue doing so in the future.’

Soma has been awarded a bursary from Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations, and Management (AECOM) for her undergraduate degree and she also aims to obtain a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in the future.

Words: Manqoba Hadebe