School of Engineering


Prof Prathieka Naidoo

Honorary Professor

Professor Naidoo’s area of expertise is chemical separation studies & solution thermodynamics. As the Co-Director of the Thermodynamics Research Unit, located in Chemical Engineering, the research unit provides research support and consulting studies to a number of local, national and international industries & companies. A summary of her research outputs to date include >110 journal publications, 2 patents, >100 conference proceedings, and, supervision and graduation of > 35 masters and 10 PhD students. Ongoing research projects include separation studies (concentration of juices, desalination, carbon capture) via gas hydrate, methane hydrate formation and carbon encapsulation, amine absorption technologies, and waste minimisation strategies of plastic reduction, pyrolysis fuel oils, and alternate separation technologies. Research achievements include: NRF/Thuthuka award over 2007 – 2012; ESKOM TESP Grant from 2013 to date; SMRI-STEP Bio funding from 2015-2019; NRF Global Change Grand Challenge 2019 (ongoing). Professor Naidoo was the Academic Leader for the Chemical Engineering Programme at UKZN from March 2012-2014; and Programme Coordinator during 2016-2019. She also lectures the following undergraduate courses in the programme: Mass and Energy Balancing (1st and 2nd level); Thermodynamics (2nd and 3rd level) and Mass Transfer and Advanced Mass Transfer courses (3rd and 4th level).

Research interests

  • Chemical separations
  • Chemical thermodynamics