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Mr Isharlan Pillay graduates with his BSc in Property Development.

Construction Studies Student Graduates Cum Laude

Mr Isharlan Pillay graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Studies cum laude at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Pillay, who enjoys playing the drums in his spare time, was thrilled to have completed his degree.  ‘During my years of studies I learnt the importance of being able to collaborate and work with other individuals who have different work philosophies and concepts. It has been an overall enjoyable experience studying towards this degree, because not only did I acquire the necessary tools and skills to become a professional in this field, I also acquired other qualities and life skills outside the confines of the classroom that I know will be beneficial for my future career,’ said Pillay.

Pillay, who plans to pursue his Master’s degree in Construction Management in the future, attributed his success to the encouragement and support of his family.  ‘I believe that family are your first and most important teachers in life. Their influence shaped my character and personality into what it is today,’ said Pillay.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal prides itself on aspiring young minds of this country and in support of this Pillay’s advice to aspiring students is: ‘It is not about the money! A degree certificate is not a bragging right or a guaranteed salary certificate. An Engineering degree requires an unquestionable love and desire to push boundaries and question that which seems perfect. Engineering is a profession that requires consistent dedication and discipline. You need to find a positive study routine and lifestyle that makes you feel inclined to work hard and consistently improve your efforts.’

Words: Prashina Budree