School of Engineering


Student Graduates with a PhD in Electronic Engineering

Dr Ayodele Sunday Oluwole graduated with a PhD in Electronic Engineering. The Electronic Engineering student described his journey in achieving his PhD as long, arduous and largely solitary. ‘In my experience, there were two key factors which kept me going. The first was the time expended during the process of research and the most important was the support, compassion and gentle prodding of those around me towards the completion of my degree,’ said Oluwole.

Oluwole was grateful to Professor Viranjay Mohan Srivastava, who he described as his role model, for his guidance and counselling throughout his PhD. ‘He is known for his professional integrity, stoicism and grace under pressure to display the professional qualities someone would like to emulate. His presence and optimism provided an invaluable influence on my career and outlook for the future. I consider it my good fortune to have had an opportunity to work with such a wonderful person,’’ said Oluwole.

His research dealt with the Analysis and Design of Smart Antenna Array for improved directivity at GHz Range for Wireless Communication Systems. ‘Smart Antenna Arrays techniques attracted a lot of attention. Some aspects such as directivity and transmissions of data at a higher frequency range from gigahertz (GHz) to terahertz (THz) technology have to be examined. Hence, the motivation for this research that emphasises the analysis and design of Smart Antenna Arrays for improved directivity from (GHz) to (THz) range for wireless communication systems traversing from theoretical analysis to simulation on the effect of the antenna and their performances,’ said Oluwole.

Oluwole is very passionate about academia and has chosen it as his life long career path. With interest in teaching and research, he believes obtaining a PhD creates an opportunity to publish scientific research in reputable journals.

His message to aspiring students: ‘A degree in engineering enhances the nation’s economic productivity and improve the quality of life worldwide. The world is facing significant environmental challenges. There is great opportunity for engineering to serve as a force to help society solve the problem associated with these challenges. This requires a holistic understanding of economic growth and development in terms of the principal of sustainability.’

Words: Manqoba Hadebe